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We offer high-quality products and solutions to meet the new requirements for sustainable packaging. 

Energy-efficient packaging machines, packaging materials made from biological or recycled raw materials and even compostable films. 

We offer you the solution that meets your requirements. 

Our service secures our steadily growing customer base. Visit us and convince yourself of our range of flexible services, solutions and products. 

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Open house day

We have a reason to celebrate - join us!
We would like to toast with you, since our foundation in October 2020 we have reached another milestone in our short company history. Due to the rapid development of our own machine production, our team has grown massively, and we have reached the capacity limits at our previous production facility of 500 m².
The change to a GmbH and the relocation of the company headquarters to 1,650 m² of production and office space make us very proud as a team and clearly show us that we are on the right track.
We cordially invite you to our “Open House Day”:
on June 16, 2023 from 10 a.m. – open end,
at the new location
Heidt 1f in Hückeswagen.
Enjoy a special day with us and meet the management and all employees in a personal atmosphere!
Take a look behind the scenes. See our company through the eyes of an employee, we are curious to see what new aspects of our company you will discover.
Meet all the employees you have only met on the phone so far.
Have we made you curious? Then we look forward to welcome you personally at our open house day!
Bring your families with you, because we have also prepared something for the children.
We look forward to your visit.
See you on June 16th!

Looking forward to a beautiful and eventful day with you
Oliver Schmitz and the whole wrap4u team

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SPEEDWrap 450-250
SPEEDWrap 300

Packaging by spiral wrapping 

When packaging by spiral wrapping, a distinction is generally made between coil packaging, in which annular products are packed through the eye, and the long goods packaging, in which long goods are wrapped lengthwise.

Basically, different packaging materials can be used in both processes, such as stretch film, crepe paper, PE plain film, jute or other coated materials.

In ring packaging, wire rings, steel rings or plastic rings are typically packed through the coil eye.  From manual loading to a fully automatic packaging line, everything is possible here.

Whether small profiles such as baseboards, aluminum profiles or disassembled and assembled furniture, various products in a wide variety of industries are protected economically and ecologically for transport by the winding technology. Large wooden packages or heavy steel packs can also be packed with UV or anti-rust VCI films in this way.

Stretching or banding with film, spiral wrapping can be used for both load securing and protective packaging. A wide variety of packaging materials can be used to wrap the products. By using stretch wrapping technologies often strapping for product safety can be replaced.

Our machines are characterized by the following characteristics:

-     adequate investment

-     High degree of rationalization

-     low energy expenditure

-     low material costs

-     low-noise operation

-     low set-up times