Stretch films in standard quality or sustainably produced 

Tell us your requirements, we will be happy to offer you the right material. 

We are also happy to offer you our reduced-thickness films, which protect both the environment and your wallet with even less material. 

Stretch films are among the most sustainable protective packaging in the field of plastic packaging. They can be used efficiently and require far fewer fossil fuels than comparable packaging with the same purpose. Since they achieve a maximum security effect with minimal use of material, cast and blown films made of polyethylene (LLDPE films) are very effective in daily use. 

After use, they can easily be returned to the material cycle and recycled into new stretch film or other materials. Since stretch films can be used several times, they sustainably conserve fossil resources.

Our Stretchfilms


Material: PE / Biobased / Recyclat

Biobased (green PE)

50 - 80 % aus renewable raw materials

100 % recyclabel 

Same features as ours Super-Power-Stretchfilms 

RECYCLAT  to  65 % 

Extreme elasticity and low-noise unwinding 

Excellent adhesive properties for the best film composite 

Can be easily recycled as no PIB is added




Material: LDPE/HDPE

Filmthicknes: to 200 mµ

Width: 40 - 250 mm 

Core ID: 30 / 50 / 76 mm

Standardcolour: clear


• Company logo possible 

• Special dimensions possible 

• Coloring possible 

• Available as a VCI corrosion protection film 

• Also available in an embossed version, e.g. diamond embossing 

• Available in a reinforced version

Filmthicknes: 7 - 70 mµ

Width: 50 -250 mm                      

Core ID: 30 / 50 / 76 mm

Standardcolour: clear


  • Company logo possible 
  • Special dimensions possible 
  • Coloring possible 
  • Available as a VCI corrosion protection film 
  • Available with one-sided coating for mechanical protection 
  • Available as both blown and cast film 
  • Available as one-sided sliding

Crepp paper 


Material: crepe paper 

Widths: 40 - 250 mm 

Core ID: 30/50/76 mm 


• Different creping possible 

• Large rolls up to Ø 800 mm available 

• Papers laminated on one side available 

Other materials Jute, woven PP and PE, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, printed material

Standard polyethylene (PE) is also environmentally friendly! 

PE is a thermoplastic, very environmentally friendly plastic that is recyclable and burns without leaving any residue. 

When PE is burned, carbon and hydrogen are produced. These are natural components of our atmosphere. 

Groundwater neutral; Plant compatible; Corrosion resistant; Plasticizer-free; 

Insensitive to water Scientific study by the Federal Environment Agency BERLIN: 

ADVANTAGES of polyethylene (PE) stretch films compared to paper and justification for environmental friendliness: 

1. Up to 90% more energy is required in papermaking. 

2. Apart from crude oil, approx. 2 kg of wood is used per 1 kg of paper 

3. Higher air and wastewater pollution. 

4. There are 3 times more carbon monoxide. 

5. There are 6 times more nitrogen oxides. 

6. There are 13 times more sulfur dioxide. 

7. 2-3 times more volume required for storage. 

8. More transport energy and thus higher CO2 pollution. 

9. Burning paper produces soot. PE has a higher calorific value, so that additional energy requirements are saved during production